Need to figure out how much concrete you’ll need for your project? Use any of these handy calculators:

Slabs, Square Footings, or Walls

thickness or height

Hole, Column, or Round Footings

depth or height

Circular Slab or Tube

outer diameter
inner diameter
length or height

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This will estimate how much concrete you will need either in cubic yards or bags. This will be important for you to know when you go to pick your contractor. If you’ve measured correctly (the site gives you an estimate), and used the calculator to figure the amount you’ll need, you won’t be fooled when it comes to getting quotes. You’ll know one of the major components of the provider’s cost, and as they say, knowledge is power. Ok, so you calculated the concrete cost, now what? You go shopping! Any Google search will show you dozens of local contractors that can do your job, and right now, with the economy in bad shape, they are all hungry for work. So hungry, in fact, they may low ball the price to get your work. And you may be tempted to go with a low price, thinking you’re smart for getting such a good deal. We’re telling you now, DON’T DO IT! You will begin to regret it right away, as a matter of fact, shortly after they show up to do the job, you’ll start to notice shortcuts being taken, sloppy work being performed, and inferior materials being used. It’s inevitable, in order to make up the money they lost in the bid, they will have to shave costs. That’s when you’ll realize what you saved in the price of the job, you’ll have to look at and live with for years to come. The concrete will pit, crack, discolor, and do other things too disgusting to mention in a family-rated website. You’ll have your big, fat mistake staring you in the face for years to come.

Don’t let this happen to you. Come to Colonial first or last in your search. We’ll give you a good job at a fair price that will last for years. Everyone will admire you for being such a shrewd judge of concrete providers. And all because you were smart enough to use a concrete calculator on Colonial Concrete’s website!
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