Protect your Investments with Concrete Parking Stops

For such a familiar item, you would think there would be one, standard name used for it. But it seems there are quite a few different terms that can be used to describe it. Most commonly it’s referred to as a parking curb. However, it can also be called a wheel stop, a parking block, a wheel stopper, a parking bumper, and a variety of other names as well.

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Regardless of the name that’s used to describe it, the job remains the same. And the name of that job is safety. Curb stops are typically installed within each individual parking space in a parking facility. This may be a parking lot, a parking garage or a simple driveway. The intent is to prevent vehicles from pulling too far ahead within the space and damaging the property in front of it.

By providing a physical barrier, vehicles are prevented from bumping into the car in the space in front of them. Cars can no longer block walkways by pulling too far ahead and covering sidewalks. Pedestrians are protected from moving vehicles pulling into spots, and buildings & fencing are safe from drivers pulling too close & bumping into them.

Installing tire bumpers not only increases the safety within a parking facility, it also adds to the aesthetics and offers a great first impression. Because concrete parking lot blocks make such a visual impact, visitors and clients will take notice. It will be obvious that every detail is important, even down to the spaces in the parking lot. Customers will feel comforted to know that their safety was a consideration even before they became a customer.

Whether they’re referred to as a parking stop, a bumper block or car stop, it just makes good sense to include them in any parking facility. Customers will be happy, surrounding structures will be safe, and vehicles will be protected. Call that peace of mind.

Colonial takes pride in helping create great looking parking lots with its car stops. We know that a good first impression sometimes goes a long way towards turning a potential customer into a sale. Let us help create this professional appeal at your property!
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