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You’ve driven by houses that do not have concrete sidewalks. There is something unfinished looking about them, as if the builders got their money and left. You can fix that by installing new concrete sidewalks, or rehabbing your old ones. We’ll estimate the amount of concrete you’ll need, and of course, if you are in a development with existing sidewalks, you are probably going to have to match them. Your contractor can get imaginative is with concrete walkways. These ribbons can add a decorative touch to your landscape scheme, and have many different types of finishes to accent a patio or lead to a nice, concrete driveway. Walkways can be poured into all kinds of applications, and then will provide a safe and secure way to access different areas of your property.

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Another aspect of concrete walkways that is often overlooked is it’s usefulness for disabled access. If someone in your family is or may become disabled, there are few better surfaces for a walker or a wheelchair than a nice smooth concrete walkway. They can be made to fit any size wheelchair, can ramp up to a doorway, and can be made with a rough surface if more traction is needed. You can take an unsafe situation and make it better, and give your disabled person peace of mind when they enter or leave your house. It goes without saying that these types of concrete walkways are also preferred by EMT and other emergency first responders if that should ever become necessary.

Good concrete sidewalks and walkways take good planning. We can provide a quality product, at a good price. That is what you are looking for when you are trying to get these types of projects done, and that is what Colonial has been doing for over 60 years!
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