Brand New Concrete Flooring for Your Rehab or Construction Project

Choosing concrete floors may seem somewhat unconventional, but more building owners are realizing their benefits. When you enter most houses with wood floors, you will usually hear squeaking or other flex noises. This can become quite tiresome, and make you feel like you’re walking through an old museum. While that may be fine for old museums, its not the the impression you want your home to make. We guarantee you, your newly installed concrete floors from Colonial will not squeak, EVER! Look at all the advantages listed below, and you’ll begin to see why consumers are choosing concrete flooring:

Concrete floors are durable and strong. They don’t warp the way wood floors can, and they don’t stain easily. Concrete floors also don’t crack or split the way tile and linoleum sometimes do.

Decorative concrete flooring can be painted or chemically stained in colors of your choice, etched with patterns, and stamped with designs that look like stone, wood, brick and other material.

Concrete floors do not squeak, unlike wood floors, and also provide better sound insulation between floors than most other materials.

Concrete doesn’t hold dirt, dust, germs, pollen, animal dander and other substances the way carpet does. It’s very easy to clean–just sweep and wash.

Environmentally Friendly
Concrete is environmentally friendly. It can be made with waste materials such as slag cement, fly ash, crushed glass and recycled plastic. Additionally, the primary raw material in concrete is limestone, which is very abundant.

Concrete floors have a lot going for them, don’t they? Using any type of wood flooring, even the standard chip-board used in new home construction, uses a lot of timber. Is this age of conservation, you do not want to be the person who is contributing the clear-cutting of our woodlands. As you can see from the sustainability paragraph above, concrete is very environmentally friendly. So in addition to the other advantages, you’ll be an eco-friendly citizen. Why don’t you speak to one of our representatives today about all of this, we’re only a phone call away!
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