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Many people have a knee jerk reaction when it comes to doing a driveway in the suburbs, and it’s usually the same one: ALL DRIVEWAYS ARE ASPHALT. Nobody stops to think which is actually the better product or solution; they just do what has been done before. Let’s look at this decision.

Many people move into a house that already has an asphalt driveway. It may be in poor condition, and an eyesore that is lessening the visual appeal of the house. So a decision needs to be made, should we tear it out and start over with low maintenance concrete paving, or just seal and deal with the old driveway? We’ll admit, having someone slop down a few buckets of sealer is a tempting, low hassle way to go. But it’s a slippery slope; you’ll end up having to do it FOREVER! The cracks will keep on appearing, the nice shiny black that you get when it first goes down quickly fades, and soon you’ll want (need) to seal it again. And at $100 to $300 a pop, it adds up.

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Now, contrast that to concrete paving and driveways. Here are some advantages for concrete driveways and paving:

Concrete driveways are highly durable (your driveway may outlast you, it can be your legacy). Asphalt and gravel, must be refinished or replaced much more frequently. Concrete paving also won’t get sticky or form bumps or potholes.

Cost Efficiency
Because concrete driveways last so long, they are highly cost-effective. Although installing a quality concrete driveway is not inexpensive, this investment improves your property and lasts for decades.

Low Maintenance
Concrete driveways require little maintenance, unlike asphalt and gravel. Concrete driveways don’t require resurfacing or resealing, and it’s easy to clear off snow or debris.

Visual Appeal
Concrete driveways contribute to the clean, neat appearance of your property. There also are many different concrete driveway finishes available, including several textures, patterns and colors. For example, concrete driveways can be pattern-stamped with swirling, brick or cobblestone patterns. Available textures include exposed aggregate, light broom and salt. Colored or textured concrete can add an extra visual dimension to your home.

Environmental Impact
Concrete is also an environmentally friendly material. Concrete is composed of renewable resources and can be constructed from recycled materials. Concrete also reflects light, which can reduce the need for lighting at night. Finally, concrete driveways can be recycled into granular fill or concrete aggregate.

Concrete driveways may also be safer than other driveway options. Concrete has a non-skid surface, making slips less likely, and the reflected light helps illuminate your home and yard.

Come to Colonial, and take advantage of all these benefits of concrete paving and driveways!
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