Concrete Patio Construction King of Prussia

Concrete patios are just plain fun and comfort. You can park your chairs and tables out there in any configuration you want, and not have to deal with the bugs and dirt that come with sitting n the grass. Ever have your chair sink into the grass, and then you have to get up and pull it out, along with a big plug of dirt? It’s not very pleasant. We can guarantee you that won’t happen on a concrete patio. We can install a nice railing to set it off from the yard, or leave it open with nice, rounded corners for a welcoming, inviting look. It is easier to maintain than a wood or imitation wood deck (less nooks and crannies for dirt to gather in), and it does not fade or splinter. We can also arrange to have it screened in for you for ultimate bug free comfort. Some customers even add a ceiling fan and a TV to make a sun room, which turns it into and extra room!

Some of the most important advantages of a concrete patio are versatility, durability and cost. These patios are so versatile because they can be poured into virtually any shape and size, optimizing your space. They are highly durable and can stand up to a range of weather conditions found in our area. In addition, their costs are competitive and often lower than patios made of stone, brick or tile.

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