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Losing a loved one is one of the most traumatic events in your life. The pain, sadness, grief and sometimes guilt can be crippling. You can gain some measure of satisfaction by ensuring that your loved one will rest in peace in a well-built burial vault. For over 75 years, Eagle Burial Vaults (for which Colonial Concrete is a manufacturer) has set the standard for value and quality. Every burial vault Colonial builds to withstand whatever time and nature can deliver. Each vault offers the unique combination of rugged strength, warranted protection, and great styling. So you’ll always have the comfort of knowing your loved one will truly rest in peace.

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We are constantly working to expand our product lines and improving our services. In fact, in addition to our extensive selection of traditional burial vaults, Colonial also offers a selection of specialty vaults, multiple sized vaults, and burial urns.

Over the course of time, a grave site will be subjected to a number of elements that can stress or damage it’s integrity, including:

  • Cemeteries use a variety of heavy machines in their day-to-day operation, including backhoes to open and close graves, and tractors for ground maintenance. In fact, some backhoes used can weigh as much as 25,000 pounds. The effects of the weight of heavy machinery rolling over an existing grave, or the accidental dropping of a backhoe bucket can inflict considerable damage to a grave.
  • The weight of the earth and dirt resting directly on top of a grave can be over 4,000 pounds. Over time, this weight, along with the weight of rainwater can generate considerable stress on a grave.
  • The effects of rainwater also impact on a grave.

All of these factors are reasons to have one of the sturdiest vaults built. An Eagle vault will ensure that whatever is happening with the actual grave, your loved one will not be disturbed. They will rest in peace, you can rest assured. Think of Colonial to take that difficult decision off your shoulders.

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