COLONIAL CONCRETE: A Family Owned Concrete Company – Serving The KOP Area Since 1950

We service both: Contractors and “Do-It Yourselfers”.

Contractors – If a contractor is doing your job, he should know how to take the measurements, and do the math to figure out the quantity and strength of concrete needed for your particular job. Local governments may differ on the strength requirement and sometimes the base preparations so your contractor can check to make sure that your project meets all of the conditions. He should also have experience in building a form, (if needed), preparing the site and placing and finishing the concrete.

“Do It Yourselfer” – Once you’ve decided to start a concrete project at your house, we can help you by estimating the amount of concrete and recommending the strength, psi, you will need for the project. Even though you’ve talked to someone at our company, the actual work can cause some apprehension on your part, as doing your residential concrete job can make a bit of a mess. But we are not like other concrete providers. We understand your nervousness, and will do our best to make the job as easy on you as possible. Our reputation is on the line every time we do a job, so we take them all seriously and none more seriously than yours! And remember, since we mix on site, you will be paying only for the concrete you use. So even if we estimate that your job will require 2 yards and you only need 1 3/4 yards, you will only pay for 1 3/4 yards and not 2.

There are many concrete suppliers in the area, and we know you are free to choose any one of them. Here’s why you should choose ours:

  • We are reliable – we’ll be where we say when we say
  • We plan out your delivery – we look your property over, and decide the best route for our trucks
  • We are careful around your plants and shrubs – protecting your property from damage is our highest priority
  • We mix our concrete on the spot – we can provide just the right amount of concrete needed for the job and no more, saving you money
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